Printed Glass Film

Specializing in decorative glass films. We custom print your ideas on all types of window films.

Our 64 inch UV printer is capable of printing 5 layers of ink in one pass. We can print on materials up to 60 inches.

Fast samples and quick turnaround times on large and small projects. We print inhouse. Commercial and wholesale. Locally owned and operated in Springfield, Missouri. Printed Glass Films uses the expertise gained from 20 years in the window film business. Nearly Limitless Custom design printing. Die Cut Plotting on window films, We cut your logo or any pattern out of many materials. Make the glass in your office or storefront so unique that your customers remember you for years to come.

Widen the scope of design possibilities with clear ink. Achieve beautiful clear printing with UV-light. Depending on your purpose a glossy finish will give you a embossed look and a matte finish will give the film an etched look.

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Five Layer Print

Different Printed design can appear on the “Front and back” by one time print.

By printing on a transparent film with five layers, the [front and back printing] of different design on the two sides is realized.

A different image of indoor and outdoor of one window sign, etc., it is a new proposal of more attractive sign with higher design property.

Four Layer Print

A very new advertising expression with showing different image effect between daytime and nighttime which can be created by four-layer print, [Day & Night Printing], a visible design change is presented by backlighting of four-layer print [color] + [black] + [white] + [color]. A proposal of highly designed sign can be forward without any retouches of current simple light box but just ON/OFF of internal lamp. It can make a graphic change or an illumination of specific area etc.