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Established in 2001, Custom Shade Window Tinting & Glass Graphics has been rolling out window tinting on automotive, residential, and commercial windows.

Serving our neighbors and friends in Springfield, Missouri, we are the leading window tinting service in Missouri and the Midwest.

An Authorized 3M™ Dealer in Springfield, Missouri

Custom Shade specializes in 3M window tints MO – which are truly a cut above the rest.

One of our all-time favorites is 3M Di-Noc™, which is practical for various applications.

What is 3M™ Di-Noc? Click to check out what that means.

3M Di-Noc is an architectural finish wrap material that is engineered to cover a wide variety of surfaces. It’s also available in hundreds of patterns, textures, and wood grains.

Custom Shade is an endorsed 3M Di-Noc installer for Springfield, MO

Get the best window tint on the market

Driven by experience – window tinting in Springfield, MO

For more than 18 years, Custom Shade has designed and installed auto, home, and business graphics using contemporary and tested window films and auto wraps.
When working with you, we draw on this hands-on experience to bring you the highest-quality window tinting and Commercial Graphic service in Springfield, Missouri

We are proud to serve the Midwest with best-in-class:

  • Home, Business, and car window tinting in Springfield, MO
  • Glass security in Springfield, MO
  • Custom graphics in Springfield, MO
  • Window frosting in Springfield, MO
  • Privacy tint in Springfield, MO

Wrinkle-free car tinting service in Springfield, Missouri

Car window tinting is a must in our area, especially when the weather heats up.
In addition to providing added privacy and security, car window tints add an extra layer of sun protection, which keeps interior, occupants, and merchandise cool.

Makeover your car with custom graphics Springfield, MO
Custom Shade specializes in auto wrap material applications, which are super flexible. These materials drastically change the look of your ride. Some ideas to get you started are:

  • Give it a new look with a carbon fiber hood
  • Blackout parts of your truck for added privacy
  • Add custom racing stripes to turn heads on the track
  • Get printed graphics on fleets of trucks or vans

Make home life sweeter

Let the sunshine in without bulky blinds or window treatments. Residential window tinting is a much smarter way to add privacy and security to your home. Some added benefits include:

  • Enjoy energy savings year-round
  • Prevent fading on big investment pieces
  • Add security window films to block intruders

Don’t live in the dark

Commercial window tinting & graphics Springfield, MO
Add a touch of class to glass – and provide customers with something to remember.

But why settle for off-the-rack graphics when you can order a custom design?

Custom Shade now offers personalized window graphics that are generally printed on clear or frosted window films.
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Build your brand

A clear choice At Custom Shades, we promise to:

  • Provide the best graphics services and window tintings
  • Meet quality standards
  • Guarantee your 100% satisfaction

All work is guaranteed and fully insured. If you want professional results at a reasonable price, Custom Shade is a clear choice.

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