When it comes to installing car window tints in Springfield, Missouri, how dark of shade can you use without breaking the law?

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We, therefore, invite you to research window tinting laws in the state of Missouri prior to setting up an appointment with us.

The International Window Film Association or IWFA is a credible organization that provides a free and comprehensive US State Window Tinting Law Summary Chart.

It should be noted that state laws vary regarding window tinting rules. Moreover, extended stipulations are listed for:

  • The percent of visible light transmission that can be used in the windshield, front side, back side, and rear
  • The percent of reflectivity for the front and back side of the vehicle
  • Restricted colors and sticker requirements
  • If certification is required
  • If medical exemptions are available

The chart can be reviewed in detail below, where the state of Missouri is highlighted.

Another credible resource to get current information on auto tinting state laws is the Missouri State Highway Patrol, which a division of the Department of Public Safety.

Springfield, Missouri auto tinting laws in a nutshell

According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, auto tinting in MO is allowed, but there are some restrictions:

  1. Only the top of the windshield can be tinted – usually comes with the original manufacturer’s requirements
  2. The driver’s and front passenger’s windows can be tinted to 35 percent, plus or minus 3% light transmittance
  3. Rear passenger windows have no restrictions
  4. Medical exemptions may be possible with a doctor’s prescription and an application for an auto tint permit in MO

Note: These laws apply to vehicles that are registered in the State of Missouri.

More on auto tinting exemptions in Missouri

If you have a medical condition that requires you to drive with less light transmittance than the standard 35 %, +/- 3% light transmittance, you will need two things to legally operate the vehicle in the state of Missouri:

  1. A doctor’s prescription notating the condition and the specific tinting percentage needed due to this condition
  2. A permit issued by the highway patrol

Note: Spouses and children residing in the same household as the permit holder may also operate the vehicle.

Other facts:

  1. Window tinting inspections are not required for vehicle safety inspections
  2. Permits must be held in person at all times
  3. Permit stickers should be visible on the lower left of the windshield and back side of the vehicle
  4. Leased vehicles may also be eligible for permits

Good to know

Our knowledgeable window tint installers stay up-to-date with the latest Missouri state laws regarding aftermarket auto tints. Here’s how we can better serve you:

  • We regularly research state laws – to determine if new and significant changes are made
  • We review law enforcement policies – to help you prevent run-ins with law enforcement
  • We are fully compliant – with both local law enforcement auto tinting policies in Springfield, Missouri

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