Automotive window tinting is not just for making your vehicle look good. Auto film blocks out 99% of the UV rays. UV light is the main cause of skin cancer. Blocking the UV light keeps your leather seats from drying out and cracking so you can get the best price out of your car when you go to sell it. Automotive window tinting greatly reduces glare from the sun that adds strain on the eyes and fatigues the body, making you tired when driving long distances. Kids that are strapped in car seats for safety can be stuck in the direct sunlight exposing them to harmful UV rays and the bright sun making them uncomfortable and irritable.

IR Blocking Window Tinting and electric cars. Tesla’s, Chevy Volt etc. In the light wave spectrum, the IR or Infer Red relates to heat. These films block out more heat than normal tinting and can extend the battery life on the new electric cars by making your ac run less on hot summer days. New films are being developed as we speak to help insulate cars for summer and winter to help extend battery life on electric vehicles.

Here at Custom Shade Window Tinting, we pride our selves on taking a little extra time and not cutting corners on each and every tint job. A couple of examples are:

  1. Not cutting around the third brake light in the back glass. We remove the brake light, apply the film and then replace the light and no extra charge. Some shops choose to take the easy way out and just cut out the brake light. We’ve all seen this and it never looks good.
  2. Charging extra for darker shades of film. The film only cost about $1 – $2 per car for the darker shade of film. We don’t charge extra for the darker shades of film.
  3. Filling the air void on the dot matrix around the rearview mirror or the upper portion of the back window. There are tricks that shops can do to make the dot matrix look better from the outside of the vehicle. We take the extra time to do the extra steps so that your car looks amazing.

Keep in mind that we want to turn out perfect tint jobs every time. But we can only work with what is brought to us.

Here are a few things you can do to help us provide you the best tint job possible:

  1. Have your car as clean as possible inside and out when you bring it in.
    Pet hair and dust in your car can get under the film and make our job very hard. If your car is dusty when we pull it in the dust from the car gets into the air in the shop and stick to the films when we’re installing.
  2. Headliners- If your headliner is coming off, the adhesive behind the material is brittle. This makes it very hard to do back glasses and visors without contaminating the film when installing. The headliner can be replaced for about the same price or less as the tint job depending on the vehicle.
  3. Make sure all your window roll up and down. – We need to roll up and down your windows to properly clean and install the film.
  4. Allow us enough time to do the job.  – Being on time. We are on a schedule and if you’re undecided on how dark of tint you want. Please show up early. We are happy to go over all the options available and will take the time to help you make the right choice.