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Automotive Window Tint Categories And Their Benefits - Car Window Tinting in Springfield, Missouri

Automotive Window Tint Categories And Their Benefits

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If you’re looking to add great looks and some added benefits you may not even be aware of, automotive window tint might be for you. This article is aimed to help you understand the various categories of window tint available and also explain the many benefits above and beyond looks of having your vehicle tinted.

Categories of Automotive Window Tint

Automotive Window Tint Categories And Their Benefits - Car Window Tinting in Tukwila, WashingtonDyed Window Film – This is a very popular and value based choice in vehicle window film. This type sandwiches a layer of dyed polyester between an adhesive and scratch resistant top coat for a flat, non-reflective finish. It’s often an entry level option because it’s the least expensive. Although it doesn’t block as much heat as other options, it does have great glare reducing effects and still cuts out 99% of the UV.

Metal Hybrid Window Film – For better performance while still maintaining a relatively value price point, you can have your windows tinted with a metal hybrid film. The advantages here are that the metal layer enables the film to reduce a much greater amount of heat compared to dyed films. However, this comes at the cost of a slightly more reflective appearance and possible interference with electronics.

Carbon Window Film – Carbon window tint has become a very popular option. They often reduce similar amounts of heat as a metal hybrid film while maintaining the great looks of a dyed window film. They also do not interfere with electronic systems. This comes at a cost though. Carbon based window films are usually offered at a mid-tier price point.

Ceramic or IR Rejecting Window Film – These films represent the best tint you can get for your vehicle. These films typically have a great, non-reflective appearance while rejecting industry leading amounts of heat. These films also will not interfere with electronics. However, because they do nearly everything well, be prepared to pay a bit more for this type of tint than some of the others.

Benefits of Automotive Window Tint

Automotive Window Tint Categories And Their Benefits - Car Window Tinting in Tukwila, Washington 3Cooler Temperatures Inside Your Car – All window tint will help reduce the heat inside of your vehicle, but some cut more heat than others (We will discuss that below). Keeps that annoying summer heat where it belongs: outside your vehicle!

Reduced Glare – Because vehicle tint reduces the visible light by varying degrees, it can also help you not be getting blinded by dangerous glare on sunny days. Like a high quality pair of sunglasses on a bright day.

Less Eye Fatigue – Like we mentioned above, window tint reduces glare. Reduced glare means your eyes have to work way less hard to maintain focus on the road. Some people even report fewer driving headaches and migraines after they install a window film.

Increased UV Protection – A window film is a bit like giving your car windows a coat of unbelievable sunscreen. Most quality window films block 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, so you’re protected from a primary cause of melanoma, premature aging, and cataracts. See an article by The Skin Cancer Foundation for more information on this by clicking HERE.

Added Security – Window tint may reduce your risk of a break-in from a vandal who sees something valuable in your interior. Crimes of opportunity are a huge type of theft, and if you make your items less visible, you may be less likely to experience a break in.

Reduce Glass Shatter-Risk – Certain window films can actually reduce your risk of being injured by shattered glass. If your car is struck in an impact, a shatter-resistant film’s strong adhesive holds onto the pieces of glass, which can help keep you safer in an accident.

We hope this article was informative as you consider having your vehicle tinted. If you would like more information on the quality automotive window tint products that we offer, click HERE. If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment, contact us by calling (417) 823-8715 or filling out a form at Contact Us. We are located in Springfield and service the surrounding area and look forward to serving you.

Home Window Film Benefits - 3 Ways They Are Useful As Spring Arrives - Home Window Tinting in the Springfield, Missouri

Home Window Film Benefits – 3 Ways They Are Useful As Spring Arrives

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This is always an exciting time of the year! Spring has officially arrived and Summer will be here before we know it. This time of the year also brings in longer daylight hours and plenty of sun. While most of us typically look forward to this time of the year, that extra sun can play havoc in your home, with your health and on your budget. In this article, we wanted to focus on 3 ways that home window film benefits can help make all that extra sun more enjoyable.3 Home Window Film Benefits3

Home Window Film Benefits

  • Window Films Can Save Money on Energy Costs – The extra sun that Spring and Summer brings also often brings high utility bills because your air conditioning system is working overtime. Through the use of modern window films, you can dramatically reduce the amount of heat entering your home through the glass and subsequently reduce how hard your AC unit has to work to keep the home cool. If your AC system is working less, you are using less energy and your utility bills will reflect that savings.In addition, although not specifically a utility bill, your AC unit working less throughout the Summer can extend the service life of that unit and reduce maintenance costs. So, window film can actually save both on the energy cost of running the AC and the maintenance costs associated with the usage of your AC.
  • Home Window Films Provide Many Useful Benefits As Spring Arrives 2Window Films Can Make Your Home More Comfortable – The longer days of Spring and Summer can also bring about things that make your home less comfortable. Specifically, many homeowners deal with excessive glare and hot spots in the home at this time of the year. Whether it is for watching TV, using a computer or just kicking back with your favorite book, glare can make a room an uncomfortable place to be.

    By using window films strategically in your home, you can reduce the glare in rooms where that is an issue. Additionally, does your home suffer from hot and cold spots at this time of the year because one side is in sun most of the day while the other side is in the shade? You can use window film on the side of the home with excessive sun to reduce the heat entering in that area and equalize temperature throughout the home.
  • Window Films Can Preserve Your Furnishings and Your Health – The extra sun that Summer brings can also bring about fading issues with your flooring and furniture. Most windows offer no protection from the UV rays pouring through that account for a full 40% of the factors that cause fading. With modern window films, even the lightest shades block 99+% of the UV rays from entering through the windows. By eliminating this major cause of fading, you have taken a major step to extend the life of your flooring and furnishings.Also, The Skin Cancer Foundation has warned that this UV entering your home can also be detrimental to your health.

    In an article, they state, “While it’s understood that taking sun safety precautions is important outside, few people realize they can sustain sun damage indoors, too. While both ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB) radiation from the sun can harm the skin and lead to skin cancers, UVB is effectively blocked by glass. However, at least 50 percent of UVA rays can pass through windows. Window film is an increasingly effective solution, offering substantial indoor protection by blocking up to 99.9 percent of UVA radiation.” The use of window film can help block these harmful UV rays and preserve your health in this area. You can read the entire article from The Skin Cancer Foundation by clicking HERE.

So, don’t avoid the sun, but welcome its arrival by embracing these home window film benefits. If you would like more information on these innovative products, click HERE. If you have any questions, please contact us today by calling (417) 823-8715 or emailing us at HERE. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about home window films and schedule a free assessment and quotation for your home. We are located in Springfield, Missouri and serve the surrounding area.

Home Window Tint and Film Benefits Discussed In Million Acres Magazine - Residential Window Film in the Springfield, Missouri

Home Window Tint and Film Benefits Discussed In Million Acres Magazine

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We wanted to share information from a recent article in Million Acres by Matt Frankel, CFP that discussed the pros and cons of having home window tint retrofitted to your existing windows. In this article, we are going to primarily summarize the benefits as the only negative the article mentioned was the potential out of pocket cost up front. Other than that, home window tint and film provides a fairly substantial list of positives. The great thing about this home improvement is that in most cases window film can be installed directly on your existing windows with very little disruption to a household. So, without further delay, here are the pros of home window tint.

The Benefits of Home Window Tint and Film
  • Reduce Excessive Heat or Eliminate Hot Spots: In general terms, sunlight generates heat, and utilizing tinted windows allows less sunlight in. The result is less heat entering the home through the windows. This can be used to cut heat in a room that has a south or west exposure and gets too hot during the day or in targeted areas to eliminate a hot spot in a very particular area of the house. The article quotes a HomeGuide claim that tinted windows can block as much as 85% of the heat generated by sunlight, which can mean a difference of as much as 15 degrees in the interior of the home. While the amount of heat reduced depends on the particular windows installed, home window film is an effective way to reduce heat from entering though the glass.
  • Help Prevent Sun Damage: As the article states, “natural sunlight isn’t just hot, it can be damaging to the inside of your home“. Wood floors and furniture are especially vulnerable to long-term sun damage. This sun damage is caused primarily by a combination of UV rays, heat and natural light. Window films can reduce the combination of these three primary elements to help prolong the life of your furnishings.
  • Lower Energy Costs: This goes hand in hand with reducing excessive heat. The goal is to maintain a comfortable environment in your home for the least amount of cost due to energy usage. The article explains that, “as sunlight heats the air in your home to an uncomfortable temperature, you probably use your air conditioning system to cool it. Reducing the sunlight in your home means you’ll run your air conditioner less, which can save you money on electricity.
  • Improved Privacy: The article states that, “tinted windows make it more difficult for people to see into your home, which can add to the feeling of privacy (and security) in your home, without the need to keep your shades drawn at all times“. While this is true of some window tint during the day, when it becomes dark outside others will be able to see in. That being said, there are specific window films that can be used to give you privacy both day and night.
  • Cut Irritating Glare: Like a quality pair of sun glasses, window film can be used to cut irritating glare. The article says it this way, “tinted windows help eliminate glare caused by sunlight. As a personal example, I can’t use my home office after 3 p.m. without my blinds down. The glare is too intense for me to see my computer screens comfortably. Window tint can solve this sort of problem“.
  • Add a Decorative Element: In addition to films that reduce the light transmission, some types of window film come in attractive textures, designs and patterns that can add both decorative and privacy elements to your home.

If you would like to read the entire article in Million Acres, click HERE.

We hope that this summary of the article gave you some insight into all the great things these innovative home window tint and films can do. If you would like more information about the home window tinting films mentioned in the article, click HERE. If you have questions about our services, call us at (417) 823-8715 or fill out a form HERE. We would be happy to provide a free, no obligation consultation and estimate of implementing a window film solution in your Springfield, Missouri home.