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District Administration Notes Window Film For Student and School Security In Springfield, Missouri

District Administration Notes Window Film For Student and School Security

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With many schools beginning to relax safety and health procedures as it pertains to COVID,  school administrators must still focus on school security and student safety as a result of tragic events of the past several years. As a result, most districts are discussing what steps can be taken to avoid unauthorized access on campus and to keep these incidents from occurring in the future. The ability to restrict access to the school is at the forefront of any security discussion.

An article in District Administration Magazine entitled “Building Blocks of a School Security Plan” discussed particular strategies that can be implemented to improve the school security and student safety. One of the items mentioned in the article was utilizing security window film to make it harder for someone to forcefully enter the facility.

Student Safety & School Security Plans - District Administration Magazine - Safety and Security Window Film InformationAs the article states:

“Make your building perimeter harder to penetrate. If you already have locks on your outside doors, the next item you should consider on your list is security film for your windows. After the doors, the next obvious place a person with bad intentions will try to enter the building is through your windows. Security film maintains the integrity of the window, even if the glass is broken. It helps to hold the glass in place, acting as a screen that is difficult to breach, even with a sledge hammer or baseball bat. I believe that simple is better. Make sure that your plan is based on principles such as distance or time. Ask yourself, Does this security device offer my community additional time by delaying the threat?”

One of the best things about a security window film is that, when installed professionally, it can be hard to detect that anything is even on the glass. A typical person looking to gain unauthorized access to the facility does not expect the delayed entry that security window film produces. That serves to buy school authorities on-site and local police departments more time to respond. This technology has been used for many years to thwart smash and grab burglary attempts in retail store settings. In these situations, every extra moment counts and security window film delivers additional time for authorities to respond.

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School Construction News Details Necessary School Safety Measures - Security Window Film in Springfield, Missouri

School Construction News Details Necessary School Safety Measures

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As we get ready to embark on a new school year, it is safe to say that many things will be different. While we definitely want to pay attention to the health aspects related to starting school, we also want to be aware of school safety and security vulnerabilities. To better inform you in this area, we wanted to share a quick summary of an article in School Construction News entitled “Window Film: A Necessary Safety Measure for Schools“. This article explains what a security window film can do and why is should be added to the necessary school safety measures.

The article begins by stating that “Safety and security window film is a tool that, when integrated with a well-planned system of security measures, can offer a school community both greater security and greater peace of mind. Safety and security film is a polyester-based product that, when professionally installed, strengthens a building’s windows, which in turn protects the building and its occupants.” But how exactly can it accomplish this? We summarize their findings below.

Ways Security Window Film Enhances School Safety Measures

  • Increases Intrusion Resistance of Glass – The article notes that “Windows and doors are the most vulnerable parts of a building. They are points of entry for people that may mean harm to the occupants. Glass is also an inviting target for vandals intent on mischief or worse. The main benefit of safety and security film is to provide an invisible shield that offers protection from broken glass and deters or delays unwanted entry.“Think of security window film as part of an overall system to prevent unwanted access to the facility.As the article states, “…use of safety window film alone will not prevent intrusion through glass. Instead, it increases the amount of time needed to break through and can deter the efforts of the potential intruder altogether after multiple unsuccessful attempts to enter through the filmed glass.” By slowing the intruder down, the facility has time to implement other safety measures including notifying local authorities. The goal of the window film is to slow down how quickly the intruder can gain access to the interior of the building.
  • Improved Privacy and Protection – The ability of a potential intruder to see into the school can arm them with information better kept hidden. The article mentions this by saying, “As most schools operate during daylight hours, an intruder can still see into classrooms — even if the blinds are drawn in some cases. Each window is essentially a map to the entire school. Potential intruders can easily see in and gather details of the entire school — the hallways, media center, office, cafeteria, etc. — which makes it easier to create a plan to gain entry and target victims.” Fortunately, security window film comes in various shades and reflectivity levels to help obscure the interior details of the building and the activities within during daylight hours.

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Protect Springfield, Missouri Facilities & People with Security Window Film - Safety and Security Window Film Services in the Springfield, Missouri Area

Protect Springfield, Missouri Facilities & People with Security Window Film

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We’re passionate about the ways that window films can add value to a space. From residences to commercial buildings, films bring energy efficiency, reduce glare, and add style for a cost-effective price. However, one of the lesser known benefits of window films is their security-enhancing features. Though they are installed on existing windows and can be installed by professionals with minimum disruption, security window film packs some serious benefits that can enhance any security strategy your facility has in place. In this article, we summarize three key benefits of security window films.

Harder for Burglars Gain Entry Into Facility – Windows and glass doors are some of the most common places for burglars to target. The website even reported that 95% of all home invasions involved a forceful entry, almost always breaking a window or kicking in a door. And with burglaries happening once every 23 seconds in the United States, it’s a serious business to protect your property from theft and damage. While the glass can still be broken, properly installed security window film will make it more difficult for the burglar to gain entry through the glass. We always recommend a layered approach to security. Combining an properly set up alarm system with a security window film will allow the alarm to sound while not allowing easy access. Often, by making it much harder to access the space through the glass will cause the burglar to flee in search of an easier target. Protecting your windows with a security film is an easy way to make it that much harder for a criminal to enter your property.

Reduce the Negative Effects from Blast Events – Another area of concern is blast events. This can take the form of either bomb attacks or unforeseen explosions. Whether it’s man-made act or an unfortunate accident, a blast turns the weakest point of a building (the glass windows) into dangerous projectiles hurtling through the air. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) reports that lacerations from flying glass are a significant portion of all injuries from explosion incidents. However, a thick, professionally installed protective security window film can create a barrier of protection. The film acts to hold the broken glass in place and reduce the risk of injury from flying shards.

Maintain Building Envelopes and Reduce Risk in Disaster Situations – Though an explosion like we discussed is fortunately an uncommon occurrence, natural disasters can affect all of us. Shattered glass during a hurricane, tornado, or earthquake poses a huge risk to your safety, especially for those taking shelter inside. Just like we mentioned above regarding protection in the events of a blast event, security window films can provide a protective layer that keeps a building envelope intact and reduces flying glass shards. Having the majority of the glass remain attached to the film also makes it safer after the event when rescue and cleanup efforts begin.

We hope that this article gives you some insight into the key ways you can increase safety at your facility utilizing these films. If you have questions about security window film, call us at (417) 823-8715 or fill out a form here. We would be happy to arrange a free, no obligation consultation and discuss how you can implement a security window film solution. We are located in Springfield, Missouri and service the surrounding area.