Quality Car Tint vs Cheap Tint - What's The Real Difference? - Automotive Window Tint in Springfield, Missouri

Quality Car Tint vs Cheap Tint – What’s The Real Difference?

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Is there any real difference between quality car tint and the cheap stuff? The prices of a vehicle tint job vary widely, but is there really that much difference in the tint being used? This article aims to look into the different types of automotive tint and why some are more expensive that others.

Before we begin looking into the differing window tint types available, let’s define some of the main benefits of a car window tint. We can then discuss how the benefits cary with different levels of tint. For the sake of this article, we will only look at professionally installed window tint and not DIY products.

4 Primary Benefits Possible With Automotive Window Tint
  • Improved or changed appearance of the vehicle.
  • Reduced solar heat entering interior of vehicle.
  • Reduced glare through windows.
  • Reduced UV rays passing through the glass.
Quality Car Tint vs Cheap Tint - What's The Real Difference? 24 General Types of Vehicle Window Tint Along With Associated Costs
  • Basic Dyed Automotive Window Tint – This is the least expensive form of car tint. As it related to the benefits above, these films are primarily to change the looks of the vehicle as desired, glare reduction and often come with very good UV rejection. However, this level of tint does very little to reject solar heat. On the downside, these films are often not warranted against color change and may not have a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser. This level of tint will usually be the entry level offered at most professional shops.
  • Premium Dyed / Carbon Automotive Window Tint – This is the first step up from basic dyed tint. The costs is usually a step up from entry level. In addition to often having better quality levels of base polyester and scratch resistance, these films also typically offer better solar heat rejection than a basic dyed film. Also, these films are typically more color stable which means they will not fade or change color over time like many basic dyed films might. These films normally carry a lifetime warranty against color change or any other defect for the original purchaser.
  • Metal or Metal Hybrid Automotive Window Tint – As the name suggests, these films often utilize a metal layer in the construction. This is done to give the film a much higher solar heat rejection than possible with a dyed only film. These films are often very color stable and come with lifetime warranties. The potential negatives of these films are that they can have a slightly reflective look which some dislike. In addition, the metal layer can interfere with reception with certain electronic systems. These films are often priced slightly higher than premium carbon based films.
  • Nano-Ceramic or Ceramic Automotive Window Tint – Think of this as the best of all worlds. These films are at the top of the price structure and for good reason. They have great, non-reflective factory tinted appearance and very high heat rejection with no metal. The heat rejection comes from the technology of the ceramic construction and often is not dependent on the darkness of the tint to have higher heat rejection. This allows the user to choose everything from very light ti darker films and still get great solar heat rejection. Using a lighter window tint can be based on owner tastes or local window tint laws. In addition, because no metal is used, these films do not cause any interference with electronic systems.

If you would like more information on the quality car window tint products we offer, we would love to help. We can discuss the various options and assist you in making a great choice for your vehicle. Contact us today by calling (417) 823-8715. We look forward to serving you from our Springfield, Missouri locations.

Tinting Luxury Car Windows - 3 Tips From The Intelligent Driver - Automotive Window Tinting in Springfield, Missouri

Tinting Luxury Car Windows – 3 Tips From The Intelligent Driver

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Deciding on tinting for luxury car windows can be challenging. Maybe you want to enhance the looks or improve the comfort of the interior with an automotive window film, but you don’t want to cheapen the car or devalue it with an add-on not worthy of the car. A recent article in The Intelligent Driver written by Zeid Nasser took on this exact topic in an article entitled “Tips for Tinting Your Luxury Car’s Windows“. We summarize 3 main points below.

Tinting Luxury Car Windows - 3 Tips From The Intelligent Driver - 2Performance Benefits of Tinting – The article details that in addition to looks, there are performance benefits associated with window tint. “With window tinting for your luxury car, you can extend the life of your car’s interior, reduce the overall amount of heat inside the car, reduce glare, increase security, improve the look of your car, and increase the efficiency of your car’s air conditioning.

Types of Car Tint – The car details that automotive tint can have a variety of constructions. One of those types is a metal based film. The article mentions that this can be a problem as it could interfere with the vehicle’s electronic systems and mentions a non-metal ceramic film might be a better option. “If you have a luxury car with electronics such as satellite radio, navigation, or advanced keyless entry systems, you’re probably going to want to go with ceramic tinting. Metallic tint has been known to interfere with the electronics in a luxury car, so in most cases it’s simply not worth taking the chance.

Check The Tint Laws In Your Area – The article mentions that it is important that you understand the laws pertaining to automotive window tint in your area. There are typically laws that dictate what windows / portions of windows can have film applied and exactly how dark that window film can be. For a quick check of the relevant window tint laws throughout the United States and Canada, visit the page located HERE.

We hope that you found this summary of the article helpful with regard to tinting for luxury car windows. If you would like more information, click HERE or contact us by calling (417) 823-8715. Find out why Custom Shade is the Springfield, Missouri area #1 source for automotive window tinting.

Increase EV - Hybrid Range With Automotive Window Tint - Vehicle Window Tint in the Springfield, Missouri area

Increase EV – Hybrid Range With Automotive Window Tint

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One of the most common questions or concerns when in comes to electric vehicles EVs and hybrids is the range. A recent article in TorqueNews written by Peter Neilson entitled “Why Heat Kills MPG In Toyota Prius And What To Do About It” discusses why window film can help eliminate heat and increase EV – hybrid range.

The article starts by stating that “Heat causes the batteries to be less efficient, and the less energy you can store in your battery, the lower your fuel economy. It is as simple as that….If your internal cabin temps are hot, your battery will be too. Keeping the A/C in good working condition and operating on hot days will help keep those battery temps down.” By keeping the heat down in the interior and on the battery, your batteries will retain more capacity. So what can be done?

According to the article, “Nano Ceramic window tint is a massive help. The tint helps reduce cabin temps. When parking, try to find shade and crack the windows slightly. This will help keep the heat from building up too much inside the cabin. I use a front windshield screen to help keep heat out, along with tinted windows and shaded parking (where available). These practices keep the heat to a minimum and my battery in stable condition.

In addition, by keeping the heat in check, your vehicle air conditioning system will not have to work as hard to keep the cabin comfortable. By reducing the demand on the air conditioning system, you can reduce the draw on the batteries and keep them cooler. Net result can be an increase in range for your vehicle.

In conclusion, the article states “Excessive Heat and hybrids do not mix well. If your battery has seen its time, the heat could put it over the edge. Keep your fan clean, park in the shade, tint your windows, and yes, washing your car will help too.

Laws pertaining to vehicle window tinting vary, so please be sure to check the window tint laws in your area.

Hopefully this article was interesting and explained how automotive window tint can help increase ev – hybrid range. If you would like more information regarding the automotive window tint we offer or to talk about your options on getting a vehicle tinted, click contact us by calling (417) 823-8715. Find out why Custom Shade is the Springfield, Missouri area #1 source for automotive window tinting.

Automotive Window Tinting in Springfield - Everything You Need To Know

Automotive Window Tinting in Springfield – Everything You Need To Know

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Why is it important to do your homework to get the best automotive window tinting in the Springfield, Missouri area? You want to understand all that an automotive window tint can do for you as well as ensure you pick the right shop to install it. In this article, we go over the benefits of an automotive tint and then how you should go about choosing a shop.

Top Benefits of Automotive Window Tinting

Protect Your Interior

Auto tint helps protect your car’s upholstered seats. In fact, glass tinting is a great solution to spare your car from UV rays and heat from direct sunlight. Having glass tinting prevents your auto interior from getting hot enough to fade, crack and become damaged over time. It also blocks over ninety percent of the sun’s UV rays that can negatively impact both you and your vehicle interior.

Increase Safety

In the event of the accident, window tint can be a great way to keep the glass intact instead of shattering throughout the interior of the vehicle.

Add Privacy

It’s always a brilliant idea to have a low profile. Automotive tint can keep the interior of your car secure from prying eyes. Tint not only guards your personal privacy, it can also protect the valuables inside your car especially when you’re not around.

Improved Driving by Reducing Glare

Drivers are typically annoyed when the sun directly hits their face. It makes it very difficult to drive and see where you are going. Like a great pair of sunglasses, vehicle tinting can significantly shield drivers’ eyes and prevents glare of extreme light so they can see better and can safely operate their vehicle.

Keep Cool

With a fine quality auto glass tinting, you can minimize the heat inside the car by up to 60 percent! This makes the drive more comfortable and even reduces the workload on your air conditioning system potentially saving you money on gas.

How to Choose an Automotive Window Tint Installer?

Automotive Window Tinting in Ft. Collins - Everything You Need To KnowDo Your Homework

Before you begin calling shops, do a little digging around online to determine what you are looking for in an automotive window tint. Do you just want the look, or do you want the heat rejection also? Be ready to list the things that are important to you as you begin contacting shops.

Check Past Reviews and Reputation

As a rule of thumb, it is always a good idea to choose a company that has a good track record in the industry. To narrow down your choices, check out their past customer reviews and see if they have satisfied client’s needs.

Ask for Referrals

It is likely that you have a relative or friend who can refer you to a skillful auto glass tinting shop in your area. Pay attention to the vehicles of others you interact with. When you notice a job that looks good, ask them where they had it done. Someone who has had their vehicle tinted can offer great advice based on their experience and help you choose a good shop.

Talk to the Shop

Now you are ready to contact your short list of candidates. Let them know what you are looking for and listen to their responses. Ask to see some recent work if possible. Finally, go with the company that you feel the most comfortable with.

What About Vehicle Tint Laws?

There are vehicle tint regulations that you should be aware of. If you would like to learn more about the laws pertaining to auto tint throughout the US and Canada, click HERE.

If you would like more information regarding what was explained above or to discuss your options on getting your vehicle tinted, you can learn more by clicking HERE or reach us directly by calling (417) 823-8715 for Springfield, Missouri area.

Car Window Tint - Frequently Asked Questions and Answers - Automotive Window Tinting in Springfield, Missouri

Car Window Tint – Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

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As we interact with clients, we often get asked the same or very similar questions about car window tint. As a result, to help answer some of those questions, we thought we would create this post with some frequently asked questions and the answers.

Automotive Window Tint FAQs

  1. How long will window tint last? – Most modern window films come with a lifetime warranty and you should reasonably expect them to last the entire period of expected ownership.
  2. I have seen window tint turn purple. Will that happen? – Many window films that you may have seen turn purple are based on older technology. It should be noted that window films come in a variety of differing qualities and you should ask the company installing what brand and quality of film they are using on your vehicle for the price quoted. Most newer, quality films will not turn purple during normal ownership and many are warranted against color change.
  3. What about bubbling? I have noticed cars with film bubbling off the windows. What causes that and will that happen with my car? – What you are likely seeing is the result of an adhesive failure of the film. This can be caused by either a film failure or the use of glass cleaners not recommended for window films. These usually contain ammonia, which can be prevalent in glass cleaners, and this chemical will break down the adhesive over time. It is best to only clean aftermarket tinted windows with ammonia free glass cleaners.
  4. Do different levels window tint really have different performance? – Yes. You can get everything from a window film that gives you the look you want but blocks very little heat, to a window film that is barely noticeable on the glass that blocks a great deal of heat. Give us a call or stop in and we can discuss real-world performance differences for the varying levels of window film we offer.
  5. What are the window tint laws in our area? – Window tint laws vary from state to state. Click HERE and this link will give you information about tint laws in all 50 States and Canada.

We hope that this brief article answered some questions you might have about car window tint. If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment, you can reach us directly by calling (417) 823-8715.

Automotive Window Tint Benefits Are Beyond Just The Looks - Automotive Window Tinting in the Springfield, Missouri

Automotive Window Tint Benefits Are Beyond Just The Looks

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We wanted to summarize an article in the Times Square Chronicles about five automotive window tint benefits that go beyond just looks. We thought you might find this interesting as improving a vehicle’s appearance is what most people think of regarding car tint. Let’s check out all the other benefits!

  • Automotive Window Tint Benefits Are Beyond Just The Looks -2Added Privacy and Increased Security – Window tint comes in a variety of light transmissions, but one benefit of darker films is added privacy. Someone might be able to make out some details, but window film often obscures the view to those on the outside trying to see in. This also can assist in increasing the security of items in your vehicle. As the article states, “it provides the safety from the thieves looking for robbing the vehicles. It prevents them to see your belongings in the parking lot and other areas where car stays for the longer time.
  • Reduces UV Exposure of Vehicle Occupants – The article mentions the variety of negative things attributed to excessive exposure to UV by saying, “UV rays can damage your skin and increases the chances of skin cancer. It can also lead to the myriad of health problem such as sunburn, premature aging, damage to skin, suppression of immune system, etc.The Skin Cancer Foundation notes the positive benefits associated with window films in this area in their article A Surprising Danger in Planes, Trains and Automobiles. In addition, blocking the UV can “help to prevent your car’s interior from getting the warp, fade or crack by blocking the UV rays from entering.
  • Improved Safety From Shattered Glass – When a window film is applied, it often serves to keep the glass from flying in numerous shards in the event of a breakage. This can be useful to help prevent injury from flying glass in an accident.
  • Improved Interior Comfort – Modern window films are for so much more than just vehicle appearance. One major improvement in films has been their ability to reject heat from passing through the glass. As the article mentions, “With the proper window tint, you may reduce the heat inside your car during the scorching summer months by as much as 60%.” This reduction of excessive heat will help you to keep the interior temperature at a more comfortable level on even the really hot days.
  • Increased Gas Mileage – When a vehicle’s air conditioning is operating it often has the effect of adding extra load to the motor. This often translates into a slight reduction in fuel economy when using the AC versus when it is off. From our point above, if the heat entering the vehicle is reduced significantly, the need for AC to keep the interior comfortable will be reduced. Using your AC less can have a positive effect on your fuel economy.

It should be noted that laws regarding window tint vary. To educate yourself on the automotive tint laws in your area, check out the handy directory located HERE.

We hope that this article on automotive window tint benefits beyond looks was enlightening. If you have questions about our services, contact us by calling (417) 823-8715. We are your premier source for automotive window tint in the Springfield, Missouri area.

Why Auto Window Tint Might Make Even More Sense During Fall & Winter in Springfield, Missouri

Why Auto Window Tint Might Make Even More Sense During Fall & Winter

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Have you ever noticed that the sun seems brighter in the Fall and Winter? That is not your imagination and this article is meant to share share a couple reasons why this is the case and why auto window tint might make even more sense during this time of the year.

Why Is The Sun Brighter During The Fall and Winter?

First, let’s discuss why you notice the sun being brighter at this time of the year. As we head into Fall, the sun begins to be lower in the sky. This is contrasted with the Summer when the sun is high in the sky. With the sun lower on the horizon in Fall and Winter, the light is hitting you at angles much closer to the horizon. So, while you might never look directly up into the sun during the Summer, you often find yourself looking somewhat directly at the sun during Fall and Winter.

The sun being lower to the horizon corresponds to shorter days. This will continue into January when the sun seems brightest and is very low on the horizon. After Winter solstice, the process begins to reverse and the sun begins getting higher in the sky each day again. During this process, you will notice that you are confronted with irritating and often blinding glare at the exact time of the day when many people are commuting to work.

Finally, if you drive near a body of water or have to contend with snow, the situation gets even worse. The low angled sunlight will reflect off of water and / or snow and create and even brighter and more blinding effect.

How Does Auto Window Tint Help?

Like a quality pair of sunglasses, window tint can reduce the amount of glare passing through the glass. This will not only make your vehicle a more comfortable place to be, it can also make it safer. If you have ever been blinded by the sun while driving or trying to pull out onto a road, you know what we mean. By reducing the glare and allowing you to see the road better, you are in a better position to operate your vehicle safely. In addition, not having to squint and deal with excessive glare will allow your eyes to relax and not make your time in the vehicle as stressful.

On one final note, remember to keep your windows as clean as possible this time of year. The issues surrounding the lower angle of the sun will be amplified through dirty windows.

We hope you enjoyed this article. We would be happy to show you all of the options of auto window tint available to improve the comfort and safety of your vehicle. If you would like to learn more about the automotive window film we install, click HERE. If you have any questions, or would like and estimate or to schedule an appointment for automotive window tint installation, call us at (417) 823-8715.

Reasons To Add Window Tint Your Tesla in Springfield, Missouri Magazine Gives Numerous Reasons Window Tint Your Tesla

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In a recent article in Magazine, they discuss the particular reasons why you should consider window tint for your Tesla vehicle. Magazine is dedicated to electric vehicle related articles, but we think the reasons they give for considering window tint can apply to nearly any vehicle.
The first thing the article mentions is why Tesla vehicle are particularly good candidates for window tinting. They state in the article “The only shortcoming with Tesla windows, however, is they let in a lot of sunlight. More sun is great for charging up the solar panels, but for passengers in the car’s interior, it can prove uncomfortable. Due to all that glass, the glare makes it hard to drive, significantly reducing safety. Owners should, therefore, consider window tinting..”.
The article continues by giving four additional reasons to consider window tinting for your Tesla.They are as follows:

  • Tinting your Tesla protects the interior from UV rays and heat. This prevents the car from warming up when parked in the sun. Heat and UV are absorbed at a slower rate when windows are tinted.
  • A tinted glass Tesla looks beautiful, and you can match your window color between the side and top sections.
  • You will feel less vulnerable sitting in traffic behind your tinted windows, unlike the fishbowl effect of an un-tinted Tesla.
  • Tinted glass makes it easier to control the interior temperature of your Tesla vehicle.

The article also goes on to give tips on what to look for when having an installation done and the differing types of window tint materials that are available. Again, this information applies to nearly any vehicle. If you would like to read the entire article at, click on the link “Window Tinting Considerations For Tesla“.

We hope that you found this article informative and interesting. If you would like to learn more about the automotive window film we install, click HERE. If you have any questions, or would like and estimate or to schedule an appointment for automotive window tint installation, call us at (417) 823-8715 or fill out a form HERE